Hello, Again

A lot of things had been going on in my life. And what a pity for me and the rest of the world if I do not share it. Even my Prophet SAW always said, tell, even though just one ayat.

A man once said to me that if you’re really keen on writing, you will not use tumblr as your main blog. I do use tumblr, but come to think about it, tumblr is not a suitable place for writing, since you can’t comment right away after one post or another. Also, there are more pictures and photos you can reblog on tumblr, and they don’t make you feel the urge to write.

Some of you might still wander, why not blogspot? The answer is simple : I grew up with blogspot–because I started to write on a blogspot since I was a third grader in elementary school–and it bores me.

So here I am, halfland.wordpress.com

Hello, again.