When the Music is On

There’s an indie band called Payung Teduh in my country. Their songs are my favorite ones.

One of their songs, entitled “Kita adalah Sisa-Sisa Keikhlasan yang Tidak Diikhlaskan” is a really memorable one for me. It remains me to be calm at times, and remind me with a battle I failed some time ago.

I joined a debate competition in UPI Bandung back when I was in eleventh grade. The first time I contacted the person in charge, they say the fee was going to be around more or less 200k IDR. The second time I confirmed, they said they already cooperated with Mahkamah Konstitusi. So, my friends and I won’t even need to pay at all. What’s even better was they provided food, hotel, certificate, and photo booth. I was one lucky soul.

I came to Bandung by bus, with a friend of mine, Stella. We rode Primajasa, and then took Damri to reach UPI. It was just really the two of us, talking and chattering around along the way, while singing Payung Teduh’s songs. We don’t really feel anxious back then. It felt like we were on an adventure.

As soon as we arrived to the hotel, we had a quick conference for the debate mechanism. Then we had dinner, and allowed to have rest afterwards.

I couldn’t fall asleep. I felt so anxious, thinking about my rivals and how bad I am when I’m delivering my arguments. I’m afraid of so many bad things, and I just can’t let them get out of my mind.



I walked outside, to the mini park, sat on a bench; plug in my earphone, listening to Payung Teduh’s Kita adalah Sisa-Sisa Keikhlasan yang Tidak Diikhlaskan, and chill. Bandung looked so peaceful. It was 11.00 pm and everyone was asleep, and there I am watched the lights of the city. The wind wept my face so soft and soothing. It was a cold night and I didn’t wear any socks, but I don’t mind.

It was really calming. I had my spirit back with me. I continued to make other arguments, and had a high hope that my friends and I would win the competitions.

We didn’t though. It’s just me who couldn’t give a better understanding to my other two partners about the motion, and I ended up making them made uncoherent arguments just because of my first explanation.

But I felt happy as I could be. I learned one big thing that it’s really important to be calm.

Also, practice and have lots of discussion in order to make a coherent, codependent and cooperative arguments is always needed. Since debate is a team competition, the more you gather, the more skillful you are on delivering and thinking about new arguments.

Thank you for the chance, Civics Law of Universitas Pendidikan Bandung.


Warmest regards,



Farewell #6

My last day in Bali was so quick. We woke up and then pack our bags, went for bath, and had breakfast. I waited for our departure, which was 12.00 pm by waiting in the hotel room, while Michelle, Andreas, Helga and Rifqi went to waterblow for morning jogging and also sightseeing.


I went to the airport together with Stela and Ilham, but then near the airport he took off because he wanted to go to Kuta to stay with his mother until his time to went back to Turkey.

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Bali still! #5

The next day was a very nervous day. But we still managed to take pictures!



We were hoping and praying for the best for the announcement of the senior category, since it was announced at the end of the whole conference program. Even during the lectures, the four top finalist couldn’t hide their anxiety.

The lectures began at 8 am, and finished around 1 pm, and then the announcement begin. At as a result, three of the four top finalists will go to Paris, France for their continuous study of tourism, sustainability and environment. The the champions are Rifqi, Risma and Andreas. Congratulations guys!



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The Day! #4

The second day in June, 2016 was the first day of the FITE conference. Stela and I prepared early in the morning, and then we had breakfast upstairs. I met new friends there. There were Michelle Yohanne, Rismalasari and Muhammad Rifqi from STP Bandung ; Oktifani Winarti who is a student at IFI ; Dian Sasmita from STP Makassar ; and Muhammad Ilham who is majoring electrical engineering in Turkey. Oh, and have I mentioned before that Stela is actually a student in STP Trisakti Jakarta? Apparently,  almost every finalists came from tourism major.

All of my new friends are from the senior category (besides Stela). After we finished our breakfast,  we walked from the hotel to the conference hall to attend the conference. We got some souvenirs, such as a cap with Wonderful Indonesia printing on it, and a Wonderful Indonesia pin. I really love the cap! It is just really simple and yet classy at the same time.

We also got a booklet that gave us background information about the lecturers that were going to give presentations & speeches about tourism and sustainability, and some specific topics about the current situation of tourism not only in Indonesia, but also in other countries throughout the world.


I also met the other finalists that came from Bali that day. They were Andreas Bryan Wagey, Pande Wulan, and Helga Christi from STP Nusa Dua Bali ; I Made Cahya Naraya from Udayana University majoring in tourism ; and Lieony Mega Sari from Bali Politechnic majoring in tourism too. Lieony was also one of the junior finalists.

That day, I just realised that I was the only high school student, and was the youngest, at the age of 16.

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Blissful Bali #3

A week before the day I flew to Bali was my examination’s week. A week full of stress, pressure, and hectic preparation for the exams. A lot of things happened so fast, and at some point they started to messed up–somehow.

I got sick. I got a high fever, a bloated stomach, a numb head, and every possible bad thing that slowed me down. I was unable to get up, and I missed the fourth day of my exam, which was chemistry,  P.E, and Bahasa Indonesia. It lasted for several days, until day-1 from my departure to Bali.

1st June in 2016, I went to Soekarno Hatta airport in Cengkareng by Damri, checked in all by myself, and wait for the plane in the waiting room ’til boarding time. Luckily I have just copied Game of Thrones (yes my friend, I do love TV shows) into my tablet so I killed boredom by watching it.

When boarding time came, everyone who helds economy ticket made a line, waiting for their turn to show their boarding pass, and enter the way to the bus that will bring us to the plane. Then, a woman in front of me looked like as if she was looking for someone. When I checked my tablet, Stela Sebastian, another junior finalist was looking for me. She stood in front of me, so I tapped her shoulder,  and ask her name, to check whether I have found the right person or not.

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The Beginning of Everything #1

Everything begins from my curiosity. I was scrolling through the Ministry of Tourism’s website, when I found the leaflet of Forum for International Tourism and the Environment [FITE]. Besides holding a conference, they also create a video-essay competition about tourism, with theme The Future We Want. The competition was divided into two categories,  senior for students age +19 and junior for students age under and 18.

As a high school student, I am looking forward to competitions like that, aiming to get new experiences along with getting certificates that will help me to enter university. Without any second thought, I decided to join it and start making paper of things I would like to say in my video.

The video was shot in my school, under my friend’s supervision. We filmed for some time, but not entirely the whole thing in my paper because later on I wanted to input some videos from YouTube.


My video was about batik, and how we can create it more sustainable to our environment. Realize it or not, batik production is actually quite dangerous and hazardous to our surroundings because of its waste. In my video, I tried to propose ideas that are effective to both producers and consumers, and emphasize that with the right way of handling its waste, we can keep continuing to make batik without any harmful effects to our environment.

In the future that I want, batik must be environmentally friendly to the nature, while at the same time growing up our economy sectors, and also offers uniqueness of Indonesian tourism to the world.

Watch my full video below :

Thank you for reading, see you in the next posts!