uni, dorm, & me #1

So here’s an update about me : I’m a freshman now. I got accepted through the natiobal university entrance, majoring biochemistry. I moved into dormitory a month ago, and I started my very first class of undergraduate study today

They say, the first year is pretty much the same with high school. The lessons are quite a lot and packed and most of my high school lessons also available on my university classes

Today at 54 years ago, my campus was built. So we started the day with a ceremony, a symbol of dies natalies of my campus.

Today I supposed to have basic chemistry, in which I really curious about. But the class got cancelled due to the ceremony. Physics was quite interesting. The lecturer fits my style. English tho… I had a hard time listening to the lecturer.

I attended an event held by students from my city. There were a lot of people. I met some old friends. I didn’t stay till the end though.

I have so much things to say, but fail to fathom. I feel sleepy right now. As for why I wrote this, I feel inspired by a youtuber that vlogs every single day and now on her #302 vlogs. Since she does it daily, the vlogs are pretty much drawing her days out. I want to do the same, but the media is this blog.

Uh, I completely understand this is a tiring post. No worries tho, l’ll just leave it here and take a rest.


Sleep well.