About What Will Happen in the Future

I’ve been thinking lately, where am I going to continue after high school ends?

Apparently, choosing a major in college is harder than it sounds. There has to be a thorough thinking, and a lot of consideration of some aspects. We also mustn’t forget about our dreams, because we could be closer to our dreams because of college. 

Yet, this heart always filled with doubts. Fear of getting failures. 

Please pray for me to stand on my ground, and work harder to achieve my dreams. 

Please keep remind me that I must not give up on my dreams. 

I won’t give up before I entered the war zone.

And I won’t give up at all either.


busy, hectic, yet somehow joyful

I’m in the senior year now. Third year of high school. The last year.

A lot of things are going on right now. School always give more homework than needed, and student council is on its most busy schedule of all year. Twelfth grade filled with both academic and non academic stuffs. 

The first weeks weren’t easy though. I had to cope with everything all of so sudden, and I didn’t get used to it back then, so all I did was crammed tons of work in one day, and procrastinating dayd before that. I know, I’m actually such a loser.

I went down for some time, just because I can’t handle my own thoughts that wandered too far, and it wss so hard to fathom them all at that moment.
But I have learned from that. I chose not to think about it.

I chose to just do every work that needed to get done with my best, and with no help from the other. I hope in the end, I can be an independent person, who loves to do her tasks on time and erase the word procrastination on her dictionary.