Growing Up

It was just yesterday, I did accompany my sister (9 years old) to the nearest stationery store, because she said she needed some new stuffs. When we arrived there, she constantly looking for notebooks. I asked her, “Hey, do you want the ones with Frozen cover on it?”. She was like this huge fan of Frozen, she collects lots of Frozen goods.

Well, maybe she was.

Shockingly, here’s what she replied with : “I don’t like Frozen anymore. It’s too childish. I’d rather have the ones that looked Parisian  vintage.”

As an older sister, I’ve always notice the kind of things she liked. Partly because she always talk about the same thing over and over again. But this time, I had no idea that she’s growing up so fast. All of her notebooks from the fourth grade was Frozen, her bag, her wallet, her pensil case, her t-shirt–and nowsuddenly she hates everything!

I guess it’s true, eh, that we barely recognise that other people are growing up real fast because we’re too busy growing up too?




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