2/3 : Lakes

This year, my family & I went ‘mudik’. An Indonesian term that simply pictures the ritual of Indonesians going back to their hometowns and celebrate Eid Mubarak with their families. I can say that I don’t have any hometown, since I’ve been living and growing up in my own house here in Bekasi, so basically I visited my parents’ hometowns.

Both of my parents were born and raised in the East Java, in Jember and Banyuwangi to be precise. Their hometowns are beautiful, and I really enjoyed my time living there for some days. This year, I only had a week to stayed at both of the cities (2 days in Jember and 5 days in Banyuwangi). But I feel really grateful because I finally got the chance to meet my siblings. Last year, our family didn’t even go to my parents’ hometowns because of my Mum’s pregnancy. That’s why I feel so happy and tried to catch up everything with my cousins in a such short period of time.

The sad part, though, is that I didn’t visit anywhere touristy with my cousins, even though both of the cities have wonderful places to go. You name it, Ijen Crater (I visited the crater 2 years ago, but still haven’t got the chance to see the blue fire!), G-Land, Red Island, Uluwatu, Papuma Beach, et cetera.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about two lakes I visited on my way back home. My father was driving to Surabaya, before he dropped me in the Bungurasih bus station to take a ride alone to Jakarta. Usually, it took 5-6 hours driving to reach Surabaya from Jember. All I did in the car was sleeping that day, because my head felt a bit numb. When I woke up, the car has stopped already, and when I asked my Mum where were we, she only replied, “Lumajang. Wake up and get out of the car,”.

I was extremely shocked. Lumajang is like only an hour away from Jember, so why do we stopped already?
And then when I turned my head, and I saw a great lake, with a mountain and birds as the background. It was a stunning scenery, and definitely not my everyday view.


It was the first lake we paid a visit to. The lake called Ranu Klakah Lake, located in Klakah, Lumajang. My father said back in his young days, he once walked all the way from Klakah’s train station to the lake.

The lake’s condition was clean, and clearly used as one of tourism’s destinations. The lake was facilitated with small boats, some Jetskis, a lot of geteks (it was basically bamboos tied to be one and it can float easily), and many bebek goeses (I don’t think there is an English term for this, but it was just simply a duck we can ride in and we must push the paddles just like on bikes in order to make it move) we can easily rent for cheap. Our family decided to go fast, and didn’t rent anything. Instead, we took some pictures with mount Lamongan as the background. Beautiful!


The second lake called Ranu Pakis Lake, only 10 minutes away by car from Ranu Klakah Lake. Ranu Pakis was smaller than Ranu Pakis, but still has mount Lamongan as the back view too. Unlike Ranu Klakah, this lake is used for some kind of breedings (not quite sure what was that), and doesn’t have any touristy facilitation. The lake was dirtier, and there were many plastics I could easily find in the lake. There wasn’t a lot of people around the lake. Indeed, the lake is less intriguing than Ranu Klakah.

Nevertheless, the view is still great, although not as breath-taking as Ranu Klakah.

Huge geteks everywhere

 I do hope the lake will be cleaner in the future, and people can enjoy Ranu Pakis as much as they enjoyed Ranu Klakah.

Plastics everywhere…. x___x

 I have juat browsed in the internet, and this site told me triangle lakes in Lumajang. According to that site, my visit counted as 2 of 3 triangle lakes, because I didn’t visit Ranu Bedali. I guessed my father didn’t know about the lake too, that’s why we didn’t pay a visit there. However, I wish in the future I could check the third lake off my list, so I could continue to explore the wonderful places of my country, Indonesia! 🙂

Doakan saya!






One thought on “2/3 : Lakes

  1. asthaguptaa July 18, 2016 / 2:11 PM

    lovely post.. makes me want to travel to Indonesia even more.. especially the non touristy and more local places.. any recommendations? 🙂


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