Farewell #6

My last day in Bali was so quick. We woke up and then pack our bags, went for bath, and had breakfast. I waited for our departure, which was 12.00 pm by waiting in the hotel room, while Michelle, Andreas, Helga and Rifqi went to waterblow for morning jogging and also sightseeing.


I went to the airport together with Stela and Ilham, but then near the airport he took off because he wanted to go to Kuta to stay with his mother until his time to went back to Turkey.

In the plane, I did take some pictures and videos just because it was so beautiful!



My short journey to Bali gave me a lifetime experience, new friends from many regions in the world, and also enhance my knowledge with the beauty of my country. I’m grateful for the chance, I’m grateful for the friends, but above of all, I’m grateful I tried to send a video before April 10th 2016 and join the video-essay competition.

See you again, Bali. So nice to finally got to step my feet on a beautiful island like you.

I have wrote my entire journey about FITE’s conference and the video-essay competition. I do hope this will help and give new information for you. Adios, see you in the next posts!



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