The Day! #4

The second day in June, 2016 was the first day of the FITE conference. Stela and I prepared early in the morning, and then we had breakfast upstairs. I met new friends there. There were Michelle Yohanne, Rismalasari and Muhammad Rifqi from STP Bandung ; Oktifani Winarti who is a student at IFI ; Dian Sasmita from STP Makassar ; and Muhammad Ilham who is majoring electrical engineering in Turkey. Oh, and have I mentioned before that Stela is actually a student in STP Trisakti Jakarta? Apparently,  almost every finalists came from tourism major.

All of my new friends are from the senior category (besides Stela). After we finished our breakfast,  we walked from the hotel to the conference hall to attend the conference. We got some souvenirs, such as a cap with Wonderful Indonesia printing on it, and a Wonderful Indonesia pin. I really love the cap! It is just really simple and yet classy at the same time.

We also got a booklet that gave us background information about the lecturers that were going to give presentations & speeches about tourism and sustainability, and some specific topics about the current situation of tourism not only in Indonesia, but also in other countries throughout the world.


I also met the other finalists that came from Bali that day. They were Andreas Bryan Wagey, Pande Wulan, and Helga Christi from STP Nusa Dua Bali ; I Made Cahya Naraya from Udayana University majoring in tourism ; and Lieony Mega Sari from Bali Politechnic majoring in tourism too. Lieony was also one of the junior finalists.

That day, I just realised that I was the only high school student, and was the youngest, at the age of 16.

There were also two students from University of Angers, France. Their name was Anais Thely and Hayem Ahmed. They won the video-essay competition that aimed for France students, and their prizes are to come to Bali to attend the conference in full funding!


After one panel session, all of the finalists, from junior, senior, and winners from France are separated from the conference to join a coaching session before final with Paul Hayes, a director of debate from George Washington University. Paul taught us some aspects in public speaking, and he gave us some tricks of how we must answer the questions that we found hard to answer. Last, he reminded us how important it was to be prepared.


Next, we had our lunch in one of STP Nusa Dua Bali’s Restaurants. The restaurant called Saraswati Restaurant. We had lawar as our appetiser, balinese duck soup, and rice with ayam betutu (it was basically chicken with a lot of spices) as our main course. Those three food were Bali’s traditional food, but I’m not sure whether I have mentioned the names of the food right, so please just correct me if I made a mistake over there.

We skipped dessert because we need to hurry to the final session. Juniors made their way downstairs, and seniors walk upstairs and were divided into two groups, while the winners from France went back to the conference hall.

I felt tremendously anxious, and afraid to messed up with everything. Juniors will be questioned by two judges, each of them will give one question to the finalists and give score. The judges will ask us questions based on the video-essay we have made. The judges were Kyla Sommers, and Mr. Dr. Agung Wiranatha that gave a lecture earlier in the conference room.

I was afraid that they will ask technical questions, because I admit that technical things in my video were quite hard to understand and explain to some people. But when finally they asked the questions, they were more likely force you to analyse them and answer them based on your knowledge, and in your own opinion. So basically they test you whether you do understand about your own topic that you chose or not.



Since there were only three junior finalists but ten senior finalists, we finished earlier and went back to the conference hall to listen to the second panel session. The winners from France was asked to came to the stage and answer questions from the judges about their videos. It decided nothing, just to make sure their comprehension on their videos.

The announcement of junior’s competition was that day, and I still couldn’t believe it that I won the video-essay competition!


After that the four top finalists of the senior category was announced. They’re Andreas, Risma, Rifqi and Nara.


Then, each of them answered questions from the judges to decide who are the big three that will get the chance to learn more about tourism in Paris, France. The announcement was the next day, though. So after the whole programme was over, we stepped out of the conference hall happily and took some pictures together.




All of us were invited to gala dinner in Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, Bali. So we took a ride by a bus and went there together. Here’s some pictures of us after we had dinner.




There was kecak performance, and it lasted for nearly an hour. For those who don’t know, kecak is a traditional dance from Bali. It lasted for nearly an hour, and since I have already knew so much about it, Michelle, Stela, Lieony and I decided to walked by the beach. It was so fun walking through the quiet beach while waiting for the wave to came and catch us.

We headed back to Langon, and I went straight to bed because the whole thing that happened that day was really pleasant and yet tiring. Day first of FITE 2016 : checked!

To be continued.


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