Profuse Blessings #2

Around a month after the due date, it was May 10th, I looked forward for information about the winners on the web, But the website was so quiet and the only information update was still the same like the previous week.

So I decided to give a notification to the web, by sending a message through its contact. Not long after, I got an email from Kyla Sommers, and she said that I’m one of the finalists of junior video-essay competition,  and I win full funding to attend the conference in Bali.


I have never really visited Bali before. Back when I was kid, I only visited Gilimanuk, one of Bali’s harbours, just few hours away from my home town, Banyuwangi. Did a little sightseeing around, and back home again using ferry boat, crossing the strait between. That really does not count as visiting Bali, since Gilimanuk only contains 1% out of infinite Bali’s beauty.

I felt really grateful. Allah loves me. Much. It’s like His blessings will never stop even for a little bit. To go to a beautiful island, freely, and about to meet another finalists is a lifetime experience, and it will not happen without His will.

I count the days down, and was really excited and could not wait for June 1st, the day I would fly to Bali, without any adult’s supervision…

I will continue my story to the next posts! Have a nice day!



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