The Beginning of Everything #1

Everything begins from my curiosity. I was scrolling through the Ministry of Tourism’s website, when I found the leaflet of Forum for International Tourism and the Environment [FITE]. Besides holding a conference, they also create a video-essay competition about tourism, with theme The Future We Want. The competition was divided into two categories,  senior for students age +19 and junior for students age under and 18.

As a high school student, I am looking forward to competitions like that, aiming to get new experiences along with getting certificates that will help me to enter university. Without any second thought, I decided to join it and start making paper of things I would like to say in my video.

The video was shot in my school, under my friend’s supervision. We filmed for some time, but not entirely the whole thing in my paper because later on I wanted to input some videos from YouTube.


My video was about batik, and how we can create it more sustainable to our environment. Realize it or not, batik production is actually quite dangerous and hazardous to our surroundings because of its waste. In my video, I tried to propose ideas that are effective to both producers and consumers, and emphasize that with the right way of handling its waste, we can keep continuing to make batik without any harmful effects to our environment.

In the future that I want, batik must be environmentally friendly to the nature, while at the same time growing up our economy sectors, and also offers uniqueness of Indonesian tourism to the world.

Watch my full video below :

Thank you for reading, see you in the next posts!



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